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and Reward
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Partal is an online experience builder focused on
supporting reward-based journeys in the metaverse.
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Looking to build experiences that engage and reward your audience?

Our tool makes it easy to customize 3D spaces and add reward logic to engaging journeys.

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Who Partal works for

Partal is a gateway to the next generation of marketing tools in the metaverse.
Metaverse Enterprise


Organizations have always been looking for ways to build loyalty among their employees. In today's corporate world, metaverse technology can be used to create an engaging and fun learning experience for employees, which in turn can lead to increased loyalty. This technology can also be used to reward employees for taking action or completing the story designed for them.
Metaverse for agencies

Agency / Brands

Brand activation in the metaverse is all about building an interactive experience that engages users and drives loyalty. By branding 3D space, companies can create a unique environment that rewards users for taking action. With the help of our Metaverse Experience Builder, companies can create virtual spaces that are rich in detail and offer utility to users.
Entertainment MEtaverse


If you're looking for a way to monetize your digital content, then you should consider creating an immersive experience for your fans. By doing so, you can give them the ownership they crave and create a new revenue stream for yourself. One way to do this is to sell your digital assets through a story. This could be done by creating a digital world for your fans to explore, or by offering them the chance to be a part of your creative process.
Employee in the metaverse

Use cases

NFT in the metaverse as reward

Sell Digital Assets

Monetize your content by taking your fans through an immersive journey.

Drop NFT’s in the Metaverse

Take your community through an experience before giving away an NFT.

Drive Loyalty & Engagement Programmes

Reward consumers with loyalty points or employees for completing L&D journeys - integrate with existing systems.

Run Hybrid Activations

Create a digital extension for your physical activations by taking your audience to the metaverse and engaging them simultaneously on both fronts.

Create NFT Gated Spaces

Exclusively spaces accessed only by NFT holders to enjoy unique experiences.

Build Metaverse Quests

Entertain customers and drive commerce of your goods in an immersive digital environment.
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