Build, Explore
and Reward
in the Metaverse

Partal is an online experience builder focused on
supporting reward-based journeys in the metaverse.
Create Space
Rewards and Avatars
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Experience Builder tools

Build Interactive Virtual Spaces

Design and Create Rewarding Virtual Environments with our Metaverse Experience Builder
Metaverse Enterprise

Spaces to Learn

Build your virtual 3D course and give access to your students or audience to complete the challenge.

Use Cases: Virtual Online course, Onboarding, Virtual Quests, Upskill Virtual Spaces.
Metaverse for agencies

Spaces to Activate

Build your activations in the metaverse to promote products. Connect IRL activations to the metaverse activations.

Use cases: Digital Showroom, Product Activations.
Entertainment MEtaverse

Spaces to Display

Connect your virtual space to real world.

Use cases: Metaverse Digital Signage, Metaverse Pre-function area at the event, Hybrid Metaverse Office.


Online Metaverse Experience Builder

Next generation, no-code tool for quickly building metaverse experiences. Drag and drop to build interactivity directly into customized 3D spaces.

Space Templates

Choose how you want to build your space. You can start of with our templates or upload your own 3D environments.

Cross Platform

Publish your space for mobile, tablets, PCs, connect to displays.

Add interactivity to your 3D spaces

Use engagement items to turn your space into an interactive journey.

Build in Reward Logic

Create a story with rewards , give XP to your users and automatically send them an email with reward. Use our templates to customize your emails, popups.

Material Library

Change materials and textures in real-time in your 3D spaces.

Connect to the Real World

Hardware ready tools to connect to your existing digital signage

Web3 Integrations

Sell your NFT with crypto or card using and OpenSea, NFT gated access to spaces, Wallet Login.

3D Space Analytics

Analyze your user behavior in 3D space.

1. Select the space

Use our existing space templates or start from scratch by uploading your own environment

2. Add engagement items

Build a journey using our engagement items.

3. Choose reward type

Decide the type of reward your users get, and customize the reward template screens.

4. Publish and Engage your community

Reward your visitors with exclusive content, loyalty points and much more.